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    Thank you for contacting my office about bankruptcy. Hopefully, the information in this Website has been helpful to you. 

   It usually takes several appointments to get a case filed.   At your first appointment in my office, I will give you the worksheets and explain how to fill them out.   If you want to get a head start on the process, download the Chapter 7 / 13 Worksheets and listen to the audio instructions on how to fill them out.  That will save at least one trip to my office.  Don't try to fill out the forms until you have listened to the audio instructions or spoken to me at my office or by phone.

    While the first office consultation is free, if you wish, you can retain me for as little as $100 at that time. Once I am retained, you can tell your creditors to deal directly with my office. From that time on, they won't call you again as long as your file is open. 

    For Chapter 7 we charge a flat fee of $1750.00 which includes all courts costs and attorney fees.  ($200 discount if you use the MyCaseInfo Online Questionnaire below)  We do not charge extra for Joint cases. This is a full service Chapter 7.  

    For Chapter 13, we charge $3850.00 which includes filing fees.  $200.00 discount if MyCase Info used. $1750 at time of filing. ($1550 with MyCase Info)  The remaining $2100 is paid through the plan at $35 per month.

Pre-filing Payment plans are available.  

     I can also give you advice on how to immediately begin to re-establish credit after the bankruptcy.

Sincerely yours,

Eric L. Bolves, Esq.



Rapid Import Online Questionnaire

Use this Questionnaire and receive a $200 discount.


First Office Consultation Questionnaire (click here)

Single page checklist for use at first consultation.  (If you are asked for a password, just hit "Cancel") 

Download Worksheets 

8 to 10 page set of worksheets that provide us the information we need to prepare your petition. After you down load, listen to the audio file below for instructions.

      Chapter 7 /13 Worksheets      (PDF)

Audio File: How to fill out Bankruptcy Worksheets 

30 minute recording by Eric L. Bolves, Esq. explaining every page of the worksheets.  Choose one of the audio files listed below.    It is best to download the file to your computer where you can listen to it off line.       To download,  right click one of the links below.  Select "Save Target as....".  A "Save As" window will appear.  At the top of the window (where it says "Save In..") select "Desktop" and hit Save.  Depending on your connection speed, it could take 7 to 20 minutes to download.

Wave file  32mb  high quality (DSL, Cable modem)

MP3 Podcast file 12mb  

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