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MyCaseInfo Questionnaire


Please call my office before you start MyCaseInfo.


Using this questionnaire can greatly speed up the process and save you money.  (a $200 discount)

I strongly recommend you take the following steps before you start.

1. Gather a complete list of all your creditors including name, address, account number and how much you owe. You can get a credit report free at  Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that all creditors are listed on your credit report.

2.  Either come into the office for a consultation or download and print this worksheet and listen to the audio file explaining in detail the information we need.  The printed worksheet will help your organize the information you will need to do the online questionnaire. I will need a copy of the worksheet when I meet you.   Chapter 7 /13 Worksheets     (Word, Word Perfect, RTF)    (PDF)

Wave file  32mb  high quality (DSL, Cable modem)

MP3 / Pod cast file 12mb  


Have you filled out the Worksheets by hand?  I must have the paper worksheets in my file before we can file the case.   

Now you're ready!

Please use proper capitalization. DON'T USE ALL CAPS!  Don't forget to add your email address.

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