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Multiple Listing Sales Process
and Participants

What seems to be a simple real estate transaction can involve hundreds of people and stimulate the economy.

Property Owners
and Sellers

Property Buyers

Sellers Real Estate

Buyers Real Estate

The MLS Listing

Property Owners / Sellers

  •  Value property. Website using MLS data. (Real Estate Website developers)

  •  Search for properties. Website MLS data

  •  Search for properties on the street.  See signs. (Sign makers)

  •  Receive marketing (Marketing companies)

    •  Mail

    • Email

    •  TV

    •  Radio

    •  Social Media

Property Buyers

  •  Search for properties. Website MLS data

  •  Search for properties on the street.  See signs. (Sign makers)

  • · Receive marketing (Marketing companies)

    •  Mail

    •  Email

    •  TV

    •  Radio

    •  Social Media

  • · Obtain Pre-Approval of Mortgage Financing.

    •  Financing websites (use MLS data)

Real Estate Agents

A Licensed Professional

  •  Trained and tested by an approved Real Estate Education Company

Advertise to property owners using.

  •  Real Estate Websites

  •  Email and Direct mail marketing

  •  Radio and TV

  •  Billboard and mass media

Use Real estate software and websites that use MLS data to

  •  Estimate property values

  •  Find areas with strong sales

  •  Make presentations to property owners.

Listing preparations

  • Vendors used to Prepare property

    • Repair companies

    •  Painters

    •  Cleaning companies

    •  Landscapers

    •  Staging and decorating services

    •  Photographers

    •  Marketing companies

    •  Real Estate Websites

    •  Sign makers

Real Estate Software

  • Comparative Market Analysis of Value (MLS data)

    •  Presentation to property owner.

  • Real Estate Transaction Forms

    •  Standard contracts and other documents

    •  Import MLS data for property verification

    •  Will use a “DocuSign” type program developed for Arabic.

Some Real Estate agents use Transaction coordinators.

The Listing

· Real Estate Agent Enters property information on the MLS.

  •  Enter specific information

  •  Add photographs

  •  Add government information

    •  Taxes        

    •  Legal Description

  •  MLS information (IDX) is sold to Real estate marketing websites and companies send listing information to people searching for homes.

  •  Agents use the MLS to search for a find properties based on the buyers requirements.

  •  Agents can use a variety of Real Estate applications through the MLS to help them market and complete the transaction.  All use MLS data.  Examples include:

    •  Mobile MLS Search

    •  Public Records Searches

    •  Property Showing Schedulers

    •  Document preparation and electronic signature acquisition.

    •  Relationship management (Realtor-Client)

    •  Statistical Reports of MLS data

    •  New Construction Searches

    •  Commercial listing searches

    •  Comparative Market Analysis Valuation

    •  Statistical Chart applications

    •  Property Watch.  Alerts Agents of desirable properties

    •  Agent evaluation and reviews

    •  Mortgage rate information

    •  Virtual Tours using specialized cameras

    •  Global Real estate searches

    •  Rental property searches

    •  Specialized mapping applications

    •  Agent education classes

    •  Social Media Marketing

    •  Electronic Lock Box for Showing Property

The Contract

  •  Contract Negotiated and Accepted

  •  Inspection of property

    •  Buyer’s inspector examines the property. 

      •  Creates an inspection report.

    •  Repairs made if required.

    •  Seller may reject contract

  •  Title Company or Closing Attorney

    •  Provided listing and contract documents to prepare for closing.

    •  Searches public and notary records.

    •  Verifies ownership

  •  Appraisal

    •  Verifies that property is worth the contract price.

    •  Finance company requires minimum value.

  •  Financing Approval

    •  Property value sufficient

    •  Buyer’s credit sufficient

    •  Final approval for the financing purchase money.

  •  Insurance Obtained

The Sales Contract

The Closing

Post Closing

The Closing

  • Final documents signed recorded and registered

  • Money transfered

  • Taxes Paid.

After The Closing

  • · Buyers prepare property to move in.

  • · Repairs

  • · Paint

  • · Hire moving company

  • · New appliances

  • · New furniture

  • · Hire new staff

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